Storytelling and Prometheus in Great Basin National ParkTravelore was established based on two principles:

By using the power of storytelling we can reestablish connection to our planet. We can only heal our world by returning to it. And by constantly challenging the status quo, thinking and acting differently we can change everything.

When visiting Great Basin National Park in Eastern Nevada, I stumbled across a really interesting story about a tree named Prometheus. It was a story about science, research, hubris, nature, intimacy and tragedy.  Because of this story my time in that park was enhanced in a most profound way. I realized that learning a little of the history and legends of a place created a much deeper connection to that place.  It also gave me a story to tell others. This storytelling opens dialog that results in a better understanding of our world and our place in it.


Telling stories brings us a deeper, better understanding of each other and the places that we visit and live.  So, I was lucky, someone on the internet took time to tell the story of Prometheus. That little blurb encouraged me to look deeper and when I arrived at the park and began to explore, the things I saw, (and didn’t see), had much more impact than if I had not learned the story beforehand.

Geographic maps

Initially I created travelore to capture and retell these stories. To make this easier the stories are geolocated so a visitor can utilize a map to see what was interesting in the area they were visiting.

It did not take me long to realize that there was more I could do to help the aspiring traveler. These days more and more people are trading the accumulation of material goods for the gathering of experiences. One way to do this is by traveling, however, for a new traveler there is a sharp learning curve.  Due to this there are many questions need to be answered. Do you hike, bike, travel by car and stay in a motel, buy an RV or build one? What kind of gear works best, what are the dangers, how do you keep doing what you love? I decided to create a space that answers some of these questions.

Gear maps

Similar to the geolocated stories, I use maps of gear and vehicles to allow for quick navigation to what interests you.  I also have the same information in linked and bulleted lists for those who prefer reading to navigating a graphic. So it is my intent that I can help smooth the road for someone who wants to trade the shackles of a single place for the freedom of the road.

As an engineer and a life long traveler and student I have had the opportunity to acquire knowledge of places, techniques, equipment and systems such as the Ten Essentials of Hiking, (for more see this Outdoorily article). But my knowledge is not enough, nor do I claim to be an expert. Because there is magic and power in collaborative efforts I would like to invite you to follow my site. This will keep you updated on new stories and reviews. Better yet, become a contributor. Tell us the stories of the places you have found, the tricks you have learned, the legends you have uncovered.

Learning and sharing how to travel; venturing out to learn about people, places and things, then passing that knowledge along to others allows us to establish connection to, and intimacy with our environment and all of its inhabitants.


Please share your stories, your places, your wisdom.

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