The Hidden Gem at Sun Valley

I love Idaho Hot Springs! But on this trip, while mid-winter Ski resort hopping, I really did not expect to see many. So, I was delighted when I found some hot springs right up the road from Sun Valley Idaho. Frenchman's Corner is a true hidden gem at Sun Valley.

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One Reason to Travel Now

Travel Now

It is so easy and so trite to say, "follow your passion", or "do what you love". Most of us roll our eyes and bite our tongue and quietly think about car payments, kids in school, paying the monthly bills.  Meanwhile, in the back of our mind is what happened to Grandma as her world disintegrated because of ...

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Ten RV Basics

There is a lot to the systems that make up even your most basic RV. It can all be a little overwhelming for the uninitiated. But relax, everyone has been new to this once. To help you along the links below and the graphic describe the basic systems of an RV.  It does not matter if your rig is a multi-million dollar rolling palace, or a home made wooden camper for your Toyota truck, you will have a variant of these systems.

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The oldest living thing, the story of killing Prometheus

Wheeler Peak from a distance

In 1963 a graduate student field researcher named Donald Currey was working on understanding how climates change over time. Mr Currey became convinced that the trees living in the white Mountains below Wheeler peak were very old. His plan was to utilize them to gather data for his research. At this point the details of the story of Prometheus diverge. 

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That Distant Place

For most of us there is an urge to see new places, it is hardwired into our genes. It is also linked to other really great attributes we share such as insatiable curiosity, inventiveness and that social element that drives us to connect with friends and to seek out new people and new experiences.

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