The Perfect Cup of Coffee

Coffee, scales, brewers, green coffee beans and fresh roasted beans. The perfect cup of coffeeCoffee, sublime and ordinary. A beverage, a sanctuary, a passion, and a crutch. Coffee can be a simple staple or a connoisseurs delight. My journey with coffee started long ago and has evolved as I have grown older. Years ago a friend showed me the perfect cup of coffee, Italian espresso, and my days of Folgers and freeze dried coffee were over.

Time to learn

It was only recently though, that I became really serious about learning what makes a good cup of coffee. I had found a source of coffee beans and a roast that was really quite good. It is important to say here that food and taste is really subjective. This coffee, however, always got high praise. So it made me sad when I realized that something had changed. The coffee just wasn’t as good as it used to be. At the same time, I relocated to Reno Nevada. This made getting this coffee difficult as well.

Something new

So I ventured forth in my new community, looking for the perfect cup of coffee, one equal to my old favorite. Easy, right? Not so much. The java I really love is a dark roast, and the inexplicable trend these days is light to medium roasts. It did not take long to get used to the pierced and bearded barista telling me that dark roast was dead. Real coffee drinkers only drank light or, (sigh, if you must), medium roasts. The thing is though, the rare roast master with more than a years worth of experience never echoed this sentiment. And many of my coffee drinking friends really like a good dark roasted coffee as well. So I question this idea. I mean it is really arguing against several hundred years of coffee roasting experience.

So, the search continued. And on the way, I found out some things about coffee.

Coming soon: Whole Bean?


  1. Ok, I’m not a coffee expert. I know if its light, medium or dark roast and it tastes good to me that’s all I care about. I don’t care what the experts or the barista says. That’s just my experience.

  2. Yes! Very subjective…I have been on a mission to learn about coffee, so I thought I would write about it. You might find it interesting, you may not. FrankenPopper is pretty cool though!

  3. I must find out more about FrankenPopper…

    • Yes FrankenPopper! Coming your way, just in time for Halloween!
      FrankenPopper is not really that scary, unless you live close to me, blue sparks unnerve some people.
      I can send you updates when I post on FrankenPopper.
      Thank you for your interest!

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