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How to Choose the Best Overnight Backpack

The first thing you need when hiking, regardless of whether you are going overnight, for a week or for a whole year, is a good backpack to carry your gear.

Overnight Backpacks come in two flavors; internally framed or externally framed.  There are also ultralight backpacks that are used by experts and ultralight enthusiasts, but those are beyond the scope of this article. To learn how to choose the best overnight backpack and find the one that is just right for you, you need to know the strengths and weaknesses of each type. Click on the graphic below to learn about the differences between backpacks. Continue reading

Best Tips for Picking a Hydration Pack

One of the best way to enjoy being active is to have plenty of water.  So one of the best travel inventions of last century was the hydration pack. Designed to transport water and make drinking convenient and efficient. In fact, with most hydration packs, you don’t have to stop, or even slow down, to take a sip of water; you simply grab the drink tube that’s connected to the included water reservoir (called a bladder).Continue reading