We use maps to help us visualize and learn about landscapes. This helps us get to where we are going. Travelore also uses maps to explore things such as vehicles, equipment and some ambiguous ideas like economics.  These maps are also intended to help you quickly navigate to what you want to know or learn.  Whenever possible we have provide a visual map as well as textual links to help you get to your next adventure.


Coffee, sublime and ordinary. A beverage, a sanctuary, a passion, and a crutch. Coffee can be a simple staple or a connoisseurs delight. My journey with coffee started long ago and has evolved as I have grown older. Years ago a friend showed me the perfect cup of coffee, Italian espresso, and my days of Folgers and freeze dried coffee were over.


We have created visual maps that allow for navigation to things you are curious about, such as specifics about gear and vehicles. Click on the images for more in depth tutorials, videos, guides and reviews. These image maps are intended to help you navigate to what it is you are wanting to learn or provide a quick comparison if you are shopping for travel gear.

Motor homes

Geographic Maps (Story Maps)

Places we have been and user contributions of history, pictures, interesting things to see and do.