The best way to see a place, is slowly.

Hiking, biking, skiing, or skate boarding we need to bring along some gear and a way to carry that stuff.

We want to be able to carry enough water, food and some other items such as the ten essentials. We need comfortable and functional foot wear and there are some luxury items that make the trip more pleasant.  Once you get out there, don’t forget The Seven Princibles of Leave No Trace

Here is some basic information on hiking gear.  This picture serves as a map. Click to get quick information on the basics, follow the links and buttons for a more details.

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Hiking Gear


The kind of backpack we need is determined by what sort of trip we are on and our personal preference. The Seven Principles Beyond Leave No Trace suggest that we be mindful about the quality and quantity of our gear purchases.


Trail runners



What to bring

The ten essentials

Be Prepared

Leave No trace

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